HappyDent Clinic would like to thank everyone who left feedback about our work. Thanks to you, we have the opportunity, by your words, to tell those who doubt or are afraid to take the first step towards health and beauty how important it is to make the right decision and make, with our help, the way from an insecure person to a beautiful happy person.

21.11.2018 / Liubov Matros

Many thanks to Elena Mikhailovna Petrova and the whole staff of HappyDent Clinic for their professionalism, patience and understanding throughout treatment. And the net result is the best gift – a perfect smile! I took my first photo with a smile only after removing my braces. Well, now I don’t have any bad photos.

Special thanks to Sergei Prokhorov for his creative approach and humour during difficult and painful procedures.

Now I can safely say that two years of torment (and sometimes tears) were worth it. Thank you again!

03.11.2018 / Yelizaveta Shunko

One of the leading paediatricians in Ukraine trusted her grandson’s treatment to HappyDent Clinic. And she shares her impressions from treatment outcomes.

19.11.2018 /Marina Stepankevich

The first I want to write is that I recommend HappyDent Clinic! Already during the first consultation, Elena Mikhailovna made the problem clear and offered a quick and effective treatment option.

Treatment was quickly performed (1 year 6 months) and I’m really satisfied with the outcome. We have managed not only to render the teeth even, but also to correct distoocclusion and get rid of the “gummy smile”.

I want to thank very much the whole staff of the clinic that gave me the gift of an attractive smile. Thank you):

19.11.2018 / Oksana Khlestova

I would like to thank the staff of HappyDent Clinic, our doctor E. M. Petrova for high-quality professional treatment, getting rid of the dental problems in my son Ivan Khlestov.

Over a short time of treatment, his small horrible teeth turned into a Hollywood smile!

Thank you very much!
 I wish prosperity to your clinic, good luck to the staff and more clients wanting to have beautiful teeth!

02.02.2019 / Anastasia

A testimonial of our charming patient about orthodontic treatment at HappyDent clinic.

23.11.2018 / Aleksei Mitrokhin

I’d like to express my gratitude to the staff of HappyDent Clinic and personally to Dr. Elena Mikhailovna Petrova for her qualified care in correcting my daughter’s dental arch and occlusion, accurate diagnostics, a pointedly developed flow sheet, and timely consultations on current issues.

I wish you success, prosperity and financial stability.

17.02.2019 / Inga Sumskaya

I’m satisfied with my treatment outcomes and those of my son Vasily.
We’re delighted with our smiles.
Thanks to HappyDent clinic.

05.06.2019 / Ruslan Strelchuk

Treatment options offered by other orthodontists did not bring results. There was a long search for a doctor who would really know an effective treatment method.
Fate sent us Dr. Petrova – a Doctor with a capital D. Her knowledge and understanding of the stage-by-stage schedule and general processes of growth of the jaws and teeth in children win admiration. She is a professional, which is very rare nowadays.
We had been undergoing treatment for a long time – 6 years. But the outcome obtained as a result of these three long stages exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much, Elena Mikhailovna.
Also, I would like to thank the entire staff of HappyDent clinic for their high professionalism and impeccable work with patients.

10.03.2019 / Aleksandra


About the joy of achieving a quick result.

26.01.2020 / Eva Yasinskaya

Thank you so much. You gave us the gift of a happy smile and self-confidence.

We wish you many grateful and happy patients!

We love you very much for your affection, professionalism and patience!

01.03.2020 / Vladimir

The patient shares their experience of orthodontic treatment at our Clinic


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